David Stember: if not now when

Bike-Only Days: 11-20 days
Mileage Goal: 100 - 150 miles

Cars are like the dinosaurs that fuel them. Biking is healthy, fun, social and the way of the future.

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Tell us more about why you are participating in Just Bike. What is your challenge, how did you choose it? Why should people support you? Why is cycling your preferred method of low-carbon transportation?

My goal is to get out and bike 5 days a week on the roads. I work at home, and spend way too much time at my desk and behind a computer. I also live in one of the most gorgeous places on earth. I aim to spend July getting up close and personal with the beautiful roads around my house. and getting energized for my role working with 350.org to build a bigger movement for solving the climate crisis. We can do this if we all work together. We just need to move a bit faster. This summer I'll start with more miles on my bike.