Carly Schwer: Ride for the Planet

Bike-Only Days: 20-30 days
Mileage Goal: 41-99 miles

Biking not just promotes a healthier lifestyle but also a healthier planet!

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Tell us more about why you are participating in Just Bike. What is your challenge, how did you choose it? Why should people support you? Why is cycling your preferred method of low-carbon transportation?

I am biking not only to promote health and wellness but to support alternative (particularly zero emissions) transportation, to bring awareness to the climate crisis, and to support the efforts of 350VT to fight for climate justice, protect our environment, and create a movement toward sustainable solutions for the state of Vermont. As an avid biker as well as a volunteer for 350VT for the past 3 years, I realize the importance of 350VT as a grassroots climate network working toward real, lasting change and can't think of a better campaign to be a part of!