Bike More!

Bike-Only Days: 20-30 days
Mileage Goal: 41-99 miles

I think that we need to change the way that we think about transportation in the United States.

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Tell us more about why you are participating in Just Bike. What is your challenge, how did you choose it? Why should people support you? Why is cycling your preferred method of low-carbon transportation?

I’ve been commuting by bike for almost the entire summer. It's been surprisingly easy for me to navigate without a car, and it's made me realize that cars are not as necessary as we tend to think that they are. If more people challenged themselves to give up their cars I think that they would come to the same conclusion. I’m not asking people to abandon their car use altogether, but people can certainly reduce the amount of driving that they do. For the next few weeks I challenge people to bike for as many days as possible and limit their car use as much as possible. This is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Please help support me through the “Just Bike” challenge!