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From July 1 - 31st, we have 2 goals:
Here's how you can help us reach these goals AND advance 350VT's campaigns:
Sign-Up: Sign up to participate below. Create a campaign name that reflects your personal Just Bike goals (for example "50 Miles for Joe" or "Sarah's Bike Commute"). 
Create your Page: Next, fill out our questionnaire to personalize your giving page. Upload photos and tell the world why you are cycling and raising money for 350VT in July. Finally, submit your page for review and publication!
Fundraise: You have until the end of July to meet your fundraising goal. We're rooting for you and we're here with some of our own fundrasing tips to help you meet your challenge. Have fun while you're at it!  We’re committed to riding our bikes as much as we can, raising funds through our personal networks, along with holding group rides, brown-bag lunches, weekend get-togethers, and all sorts of challenges to keep pace in the race to fight climate change.  We’re glad you’re joining us.


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